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Return of Premium Life Insurance


The payoff for Life Insurance is a gamble-a gamble as to whether you might outlive your policy. Prefer the certainty of getting your investment back- we have the policy for you.

If you have a "full house" and need to make sure in the event of your death your family is cared for then you need to consider-
Return of Premium (ROP) Term Life Insurance  with a "new twist" A little higher premium than Level Term Life and Cheaper than Whole Life Insurance Coverage with level premiums, except if you outlive the coverage you receive  
all paid in premiums refunded to you. A no risk term life policy.   
Example: 10 year level term policy at $50.00 a month in 10 years you  would get all your paid in premiums refunded$600.00 annually for 10 years gets a refund of premiums of $6,000. If you don't outlive the  coverage, your beneficiary gets the face amount of the policy, coverage amount.

 Term Life Insurance (ROP) Carriers
  •West Coast Life/Protective
  •Gen Worth
  •North American
Return of Premium (ROP) Whole Life  Works the same as the Term Life  (ROP) with the option after completing the term of the life insurance policy the option to get refunded all premiums paid in is available. However, the mechanics of the Return of Premium Life is as a Whole Life Insurance plan. 
Battistone Insurance Group is licensed with: Americo for Return of Premium Whole Life Insurance  

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