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Accident Health Insurance


National General

When you are heading out on Spring Break or a Competitive Ball Game with yourself and or Children. Make sure you have all your bases covered.   

Plan for the unexpected with supplemental accident insurance that pays cash right to you - helping you catch up financially from days off work and pay expenses other plans don't pay, like auto and medical insurance deductibles.

You get a set cash benefit for each covered injury and service - multiple benefits that really add up and pay:

  • Immediate coverage - no waiting period
  • Pays over and above any benefits you receive from any other plan with no overall annual or lifetime limit
    no matter how many accidents you have
  • Easy to obtain - just a few basic questions - no medical exam
  • Simple plan options help you meet your needs and budget - two benefit levels and 24/7 or off-the-Job Coverage
  • Visit any doctor or hospital - no network restrictions
  • Use the cash any way you need-medical bills or personal expenses
  • Great solution for families or adults through age 64.
  • Cost varies depending on your job type.


Fixed Benefit

The Accident Health Insurance fixed-benefit plan pays cash benefits when injuries, medical treatment or death result from an accident.Two base-policy options are available:

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Off the Job Accident Insurance fixed-benefit, which covers accidents that occur apart from the primary insured’s job

24-Hour Accident fixed-benefit, which provides on- and off-the-job accident coverage

I strongly suggest the Level 2 to make sure you are completely covered 24/7

Pays CASH.

Accident Medical Expense

Accident Medical Expense helps cover your out-of-pocket medical expenses if you have an accident especially if you have a high deductible insurance plan. It provides security in the event of an unexpected accident, so you can concentrate on your recovery. Does not have a cash pay out option. Pays only what the other insurance plans don't pay relating to an accident. An Accident Supplemental Insurance plan that works to supplement your other medical insurance. If you do not have another medical insurance plan in place, this plan will pay according to the pay structure.
If interested in the Accident Fixed Benefit vs the AME click  

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  •  No waiting period to use your benefits
  • No annual limits, regardless of benefits paid
  • Benefits for accidental death and dismemberment included
  • Affordable rates for individuals or families of any size
  • Use any doctors and hospitals you wish Accident Medical Expense (AME) benefits  


 Pays 5 visits per person up to $1000. each occurance -  any health care facility Emergency room and Urgent Care. Great for kids playing sports!

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