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Aliera Healthcare is a new and innovative healthcare organization offering its members a comprehensive model of care. Our healthcare programs are designed around the Direct Primary Care Medical Home model of care which puts the member at the center of care. Our nationwide healthcare programs include preventative, episodic, and urgent care services alongside a 24/7 tele-medicine feature, supported by labs, x-rays and ancillary services, where needed. Best of all, Aliera Healthcare offers Qualified Group Health Insurance Plans that meet full compliance with ACA for employers.   

Why must I choose between medical coverage or paying a tax penalty?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all individuals to have at last "minimum essential coverage". If you do not have this minimum coverage, you may have to pay a penalty tax. By purchasing a plan with "minimum essential coverage" through your employer, you can avoid being taxed the "Individual Mandate" penalty tax.  

What exactly is "Minimum Essential Coverage" as defined by ACA?

The U.S. government has issued alist of Preventive and Wellness Benefits outlining MEC requirement which this plan will cover 100% of when obtained from a network provider and 50% of when obtained from a non-network provider. There are over 60 preventive services, including immunizations, blood pressure screenings, diabetes and cholesterol screenings, prenatal visits, and more. 

What exactly is a "QHP" as defined by ACA?

A health plan meets this standard if it's designed to pay at least 60% of the total cost of medical services for a standard population, and if its benefits include substantial coverage of inpatient hospital and physician services. Individuals offered job-based coverage that provides minimum value and is considered affordable are not eligible for a premium tax credit.   

Why should I choose an Aliera Healthcare QHP?

When you choose one of Aliera's healthcare coverage plans, you will be choosing from some of the most robust programs offered today. Your benefits, depending on the pan choice, not only include preventive care as outlined in the ACA but also will include comprehensive care, including hospitalization, ambulatory care, in-patient surgeries and many other services.   

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