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Group Health Insurance


OPTIMED - ACA approved Mini-Med Plans

We specialize in providing employers, agents and brokers alternatives to control the increasingly high cost of providing group health insurance and benefits. Our clients represent all walks of life, employing both the professional, skilled and unskilled worker. Our health benefit packages provide a sense of security and comfort to employees worldwide by providing assurance that their health care needs are protected. At the same time, employers remain assured that they are providing a cost-effective benefit package.  

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Group Major Medical

Major Medical Health Insurance fully subjective to all federal and state mandates. DETAILS

Group Healthcare

Group Healthcare that meets the ACA requirements. Written in a large group organization platform. DETAILS  

Self-Funded Major Medical Group Insurance

 -Pay for only the benefits the group actually uses
 -Get refund for money not used during plan year
-Cost for the year is determined upfront and guaranteed, subject to enrollment and benefit changes
-Stop-loss insurance protects employers from larger-than-expected claims – and provides advances to employer funds when needed   DETAILS

Short Term Medical

Short-term health, also known as temporary health insurance, is a product that provides health coverage for 12 months or less. This type of health insurance is typically purchased by recent college graduates or individuals in between jobs. Short-term health typically does not include coverage that is found in a comprehensive health insurance plan.