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High Risk Life Insurance


Option 1) Ages 45-80

Accepts anyone as long as they are not on a breathing machine.  

High risk life insurance policies are those written for individuals who represent an adverse risk to an insurance company. This includes individuals who
are suffering from AIDs, a person who recently underwent heart by-pass surgery or a cancer survivor who recently went into remission. These health
insurance risk individuals are usually declined. We can get you life insurance coverage.

High risk life insurance works like other forms of life insurance. When death occurs, a policy benefit equal to the face amount of the policy is paid to the
designated beneficiaries. The only difference with high risk life insurance however is that when death occurs within a predetermined period, the benefit
might be limited to the premiums paid. Payout will be based on cause of death and amount of time policy has been in force.

The insurance company that offers high risk life insurance is well informed about the nature of the risk. The company knows that certain behaviors will
determine the survival of people with AIDs or cancer or diabetes and as such are willing to offer life insurance coverage. The premiums for these policies
are much higher than a comparable non-high risk life insurance policy in order to account for the nature of the risk. If you outlive the first 2 years you will
most likely receive full benefits if indeed you do not outlive the first 2 years you will most likely receive refund of all premiums paid in.  $5000. to $20,000.
plans available. 

Option 2) Ages 40-80

Kemper Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance Plan is an affordable solution that offers you the peace of mind that your burial needs will be provided
for in the event of your death.
Note: This plan is not strictly a burial insurance plan it is designed to be left to anyone for any purpose you choose.

What the Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan Means To You:
• You are not required to answer any questions about your health when applying for this policy.
• For accidental death anytime the policy is in force, you receive the face amount you selected on your application. 
• For non-accidental death after the second policy year, you receive the face amount you selected on your application. 
• For non-accidental death anytime during the first two policy years, you receive 120 PERCENT of premiums paid.
• You can borrow from the cash value of the policy for the necessary premium to prevent the policy from lapsing.
• Smokers pay no more premium than non-smokers.
• Your policy can never be cancelled if your premium is paid.
•Your premium is guaranteed never to increase.
•Issue ages for this policy are 40 through 80.
You choose the death benefit that fits your needs – $25,000, $20,000, $15,000, $10,000 or $5,000

Available to individuals at ages 40-80. Age at last birthday determines rates to be used. 
Premiums at issue age remain level and will not increase. 
Same rates for smokers and non-smokers.

Option 3) Not terminal yet with High Risk Concerns

Taking anti-depressants, organ rejections medicines, experimental medicines, high risk medicines. We can get your life insurance needs provided from major health insurance carriers.
Mark Battistone